Content Design

Content design is about taking a user’s need and finding the best way to present it in our product, app or website. Good content design means the user can do or find what they need in the product simply and quickly. While many assume that content design is about creating nice copy, it is much more than “just words”. Content design is about using data and research, and collaborating with other teams and disciplines to find the best solutions for users’ problems. The words are the output, what the user ultimately consumes. Roles that typically work on content design are UX Writers, Content Designers or Content Strategists. These job titles are often used interchangeably for the same scope of work.

When focusing on design systems, the content design portion generally defines the voice, tone and glossary of the product, as well as rules and recommendations for writing in an inclusive and consistent manner. It could be considered like the design kit for the words used in our product,  which have a tremendous impact on the user’s experience.

Best tools for Content Design

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