Best SolidJS component libraries for design systems

The component libraries on this list are accessible and can be styled to match your brand and your design tokens.

Accessibility mandatory
Customisable style

Composition primitives

These libraries are the lowest level you can get. It's lower than unstyled components. You compose primitive to build the component you need.

  • Zag (beta)

    Screenshot of Zag (beta)

    A collection of framework-agnostic UI component patterns that can be used to build design systems for React, Vue and Solid.js


    • 20+ components
  • Solid Aria (ALPHA)

    Screenshot of Solid Aria (ALPHA)

    ⚠️ Early stage and not ready for production. Solid Aria is a port of React Aria for SolidJS.


    • 10+ components

Unstyled components

These component libraries bring unstyled components. You bring your own tokens structure and apply your styling on top of the pre-build components.

  • Kobalte

    Screenshot of Kobalte

    By the author of HopeUI, Kobalte provide low-level primitives for building accessible design systems. Inspired by Radix and React-aria.


    • 20+ components

Fully styled components

These component libraries are fully styled components ready-to-use. Most of them have a sophisticated theming systems with more or less design token granularity. Get the library you like, tune the styling through their theming system and go.

  • Hope UI

    Screenshot of Hope UI

    Hope UI is a composable and accessible component library for Solid JS. It has a large selection of components and a theme system.


    • 40+ components
  • SUID

    Screenshot of SUID

    SUID is a port of React MUI built with Solid.


    • 50+ components

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