Best tools for Design Tokens

Here is our curated list of the best tools for design tokens:


Screenshot of Specify

Specify helps you unify your brand identity by collecting, storing and distributing design tokens and assets for your design system — automatically.

Specify helps you:

  1. Collect design decisions
  2. Store design tokens and assets
  3. Distribute your branding at scale

Key features for Design Tokens

  • Easily connect all your favorite tools to your Design API to create a fully networked design system.
  • Build consistency across teams, tools and platforms by creating a single source of truth for your design tokens.
  • Quickly build custom delivery pipeline that adapts to your technology and platform — automatically.

Figma Tokens

Screenshot of Figma Tokens

Figma Token is a Figma plugin allowing you to define & use tokens directly in Figma, including smart aliases for colors, typography, spacing, border radii, etc.

Extends Figma's built-in tokens:

  • Colors (Fill, Border Color — hex, rgba, hsla)
  • Spacing (Horizontal, Vertical, Gap)
  • Sizing (Width/Height)
  • Border Radius (individually or each corner)
  • Border Width
  • Opacity
  • Typography (Font family, font weight, font size, line height, letter spacing, paragraph spacing)
  • Shadow tokens (both dropShadow and innerShadow)

Key features for Design Tokens

  • Extends Figma token support.
  • Import and Export capabilities for system integration outside of Figma.

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Backlight is an all-in-one design system platform that makes it easy for the whole team to collaborate on, build and ship a design system.

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