Best React component libraries for design systems

The component libraries on this list are accessible and can be styled to match your brand and your design tokens.

Accessibility mandatory
Customisable style

Composition primitives

These libraries are the lowest level you can get. It's lower than unstyled components. You compose primitive to build the component you need. The best example is React-Aria that provides composable primitives to create accessible components.

  • react-aria

    Screenshot of react-aria

    React Aria doesn’t implement any rendering or impose a DOM structure, styling methodology, or design-specific details. It provides behavior, accessibility, and interactions and lets you focus on your design.


    • 30+ hooks
  • Downshift

    Screenshot of Downshift

    Primitives to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete/combobox or select dropdown components. Made by Kent C. Dodds, so it's well tested.


    • Only select, combobox, and multi combobox components
  • Zag (beta)

    Screenshot of Zag (beta)

    A collection of framework-agnostic UI component patterns that can be used to build design systems for React, Vue and Solid.js


    • 20+ components

Unstyled components

These component libraries bring unstyled components. You bring your own tokens structure and apply your styling on top of the pre-build components.

Nir Ben-Yair wrote a great article about React Unstyled Components and why you should use them.

  • Radix

    Screenshot of Radix

    Radix Primitives is a low-level UI component library with a focus on accessibility, customization and developer experience.


    • 15+ components
  • React Aria Components

    Screenshot of React Aria Components

    React Aria Components is a library of unstyled components built on top of the React Aria hooks. It provides a simpler way to build accessible components with custom styles, while offering the flexibility to drop down to hooks for even more customizability where needed.


    • 30+ components
  • Reach UI

    Screenshot of Reach UI

    Reach UI seeks to become the accessible foundation of your React-based design system.


    • 15+ components
  • Headless UI

    Screenshot of Headless UI

    Headless UI is made by the team at Tailwind Labs. It's a set of unstyled components ready to be styled. Intended to be used with Tailwindcss, it can also be used by any CSS utility solution. (Also available for Vue)


    • ~10 components
  • Reakit

    Screenshot of Reakit

    Reakit are unstyled components focusing primarily on accessibillity. Components are ready for customization.


    • 20+ components
  • Ariakit

    Screenshot of Ariakit

    Ariakit is an open source library that provides lower-level React components and hooks for building accessible component libraries. Succesor of Reakit.


    • 30+ components

Fully styled components

These component libraries are fully styled components ready-to-use. Most of them have a sophisticated theming systems with more or less design token granularity. Get the library you like, tune the styling through their theming system and go.

  • Base Web

    Screenshot of Base Web

    BaseWeb is an extensive React component library developed by Uber. It has a good extensibility APIs to make it your own.


    • 50+ components
  • Chakra UI

    Screenshot of Chakra UI

    Chakra UI is a simple, modular and accessible component library.


    • 40+ components
  • MUI

    Screenshot of MUI

    One of the most popular React component library, MUI implements Material Design from Google.


    • 40+ components
  • NextUI

    Screenshot of NextUI

    NextUI is a beautiful and modern component library powered by Stitches+GeistUI and inspired by Vuesax.


    • 20+ components
  • Mantine

    Screenshot of Mantine

    Mantine is an extensive component library with 120 customizable components combined to a sophisticated token architecture. It's an impressive piece of work.


    • 120 components
  • Geist UI

    Screenshot of Geist UI

    Geist UI is an elegant and beautiful React component library with Geek style, inspired from Vercel design system.


    • 40+ components

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