Best design system examples

Looking for some examples to help you build your design system?

Discover below our curated list of best design system examples (ordered alphabetically).

This list was built based on the definition of What is a design system. All these examples are best-in-class design systems coming with great documentation sites, design kits, Design Tokens and extensive component libraries. Most are open-source with Github repositories.

You can also discover our starter kit samples in Backlight to help you start a design system.

  • Front page screenshot of Atlassian Design System

    Atlassian Design System

    Design system from Atlassian, also called “end to end design language”. On top of components and patterns, Atlassian offers numbers of ressources including Figma, logo, and illustration libraries.

    #react #css
  • Front page screenshot of Auro


    Design system of Alaska Airline, and using LitElement as a base, the Auro web components allows for highly flexible use in almost any development environment including React and Svelte.

    #react #svelte #web-components
  • Front page screenshot of Backpack


    Design system of Skyscanner, Backpack offers an extensive number of components for both mobile and desktop, on top of design tokens, icons, and guidelines.

    #react #web-components
  • Front page screenshot of Carbon Design System

    Carbon Design System

    Carbon is a good design system example, open sourced by IBM. It puts an accent on accessibility while offering a wild number of components along with documentation and tools. Carbon is backed by a large community.

    #react #angular #vue #svelte #css
  • Front page screenshot of Clarity Design System

    Clarity Design System

    Clarity is an enterprise-focused and open source design system offering core components libraries along with extensive guidelines for both developers and designers.

    #angular #web-components #typescript #css
  • Front page screenshot of Decathlon Design System

    Decathlon Design System

    Design system example from Decathlon. It has the specificity of going beyond digital guidelines by additionally ruling over physical products and stores.

    #react #css
  • Front page screenshot of Fluent 2

    Fluent 2

    Fluent 2 is a library of UX frameworks from Microsoft that allows for multi-platform development, currently supporting Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

    #react #web-components #css
  • Front page screenshot of Fluid Design System

    Fluid Design System

    Fluid is the design system of Engie. Made for internal use at first, Fluid was build with both Developers and Designers in mind. With 8 Tokens, 34 Components and data visualisation, Fluid is a very versatile design system.

    #angular #react #vue #css
  • Front page screenshot of GOV.UK Design System

    GOV.UK Design System is the United Kingdom official services design system, built for reliability, consistency and accessibility. With 6 design tokens, 30 components along with patterns and extensive documentation, is a strong design system to start from.

    #react #css
  • Front page screenshot of HPE Design System

    HPE Design System

    HPE Design System was built to emphasis accessibility for enterprise grade app experiences. Created for developers and designers alike HPE offers tokens, components and documentation but also layouts, data table and Grids.

    #react #grommet
  • Front page screenshot of Lightning Design System

    Lightning Design System

    Lightning Design System is a best-in-class design system example, built by Salesforce. Lightning includes tokens and 85+ Vanilla CSS components compatible with any frameworks like React or Angular. The documentation site is well detailed and offers Sketch design kits.

    #web-components #css
  • Front page screenshot of Material Design 3

    Material Design 3

    Material Design is a powerful design system by Google. It was built for Android mobile development, but also support iOS and web development. This design system offers up to 30 components, with dark theme support. It comes also with documentation, Figma design kits, and some nice building tools.

    #javascript #typescript #dart #saas #css
  • Front page screenshot of Orbit


    Orbit is an example of a complete design system, with almost 100 components ready to be consumed for web (React) and mobile apps. Coming also with documentation, tokens, design kits and Figma ressources. Built and open-sourced by Kiwi.

  • Front page screenshot of Paste


    Paste is the open-source design system from Twilio. This is a good example of design system built for accessibility. It’s loaded with a well-crafted documentation, design kit assets, tokens and more than 40 React components.

    #react #less #saas #css
  • Front page screenshot of Polaris


    Polaris is probably one of the best design system example. Shopify has been one of the leader in design system with Polaris. This open-source design system provides 90+ components in React / CSS, Figma UI kit ressources and a solid documentation.

    #react #css
  • Front page screenshot of Primer


    Primer is Github’s open-source design system. It comes with a light design kit and documentation. More than 40+ components are available as CSS, React / JS and ViewComponents / Ruby-on-Rails.

    #react #ruby #web-components #css
  • Front page screenshot of Seeds


    A design system focusing on art directions and content writing, instead of the standard organisation they made the choice to divide their content into 5 categories: Brand, Visual, Writing Patterns, and Components.

    #react #css #web-components
  • Front page screenshot of Spectrum


    Adobe has built a great design system example with Spectrum. It comes with a complete documentation and a solid design kit. This design system offers more than 70 open-source components in React, Web Components and Spectrum CSS.

    #react #web-components #css
  • Front page screenshot of Thumbprint


    Thumbstack’s design system, with implementations for React, SCSS, Android and iOS. Nice-to-have: a components overview page where users can see the state of each components per platforms.

    #react #css #web-components
  • Front page screenshot of Wanda Design System

    Wanda Design System

    Wanda is a full-fledge open-source design system. It’s loaded with tokens, 40+ React components and a great documentation site. Wanda is a11z friendly. Made by Wonderflow.

    #react #css
  • Front page screenshot of Workbench


    Workbench is an extensive design system made by Gusto and offering about 50 React components. It is mainly organized around 3 categories: Foundation, Components, and Patterns

    #react #web-components

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