We support tailwindcss via a custom plugin integrated in the build pipeline.

This plugin is activated with the presence of a tailwind.config.js inside your files.

No default config is provided, bring your own config

It will read every .css files, and rewrite them if they have a @tailwind directive inside.

Feel free to import this css file in your stories, docs, markdown, to use any tailwind classes.

Additionaly it will also transform the config (taiwind.config.js) as a cjs module to be able to load this config inside the Tailwind CLI This is useful when you want to consume a published packaged via npm install/link via our CLI link

Example config

For the moment, tailwind.config.js has to use ES Module syntax.

const config = {
  theme: {
    fontFamily: {
      sans: ['Roboto', 'sans-serif'],
      serif: ['Roboto Slab', 'serif'],

export default config;