Source file extensions: .js|.jsx

Import modules

from npm

Bare imports (not starting with ./, ../, http:.// or https://) are sourced automaticaly from npm. No npm install required.

import { render } from 'lit-element';

Latest version of the dependency is used unless you define dependencies in

from URL

import { render } from '';

from inside Design-System

On component A, you can access component B by relative import:

import '../../component-B/src/module.js`;

But we recommend to use an alias for convenience.


  "compilerOptions": {
    "paths": {
      "~/*": ["*"],

This allows

import '~/component-B/src/module.js`;

Import CSS

See CSS , Sass or Less for the different ways to import in stylesheet files.

Importing Asset as String

Assets can be imported as strings using the ?raw suffix.

import imageSVG from './image.svg?raw';