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Welcome to Backlight's documentation

Backlight is a collaborative platform empowering front-end teams to build and ship great design systems. Backlight is code-centric, but it also embraces collaboration across all disciplines: developers, designers, UX writers and product owners.

Discovering Backlight?

Getting started

User guides

Online Studio

Code components, review PR visually, write documentation and release your design system directly online.


Code components locally, write documentation with your favorite IDE and link the design system directly into your app.


Stories, tests, documentation and design files are rendered automatically in the preview panel.

Visual review

Review your pull requests visually. Backlight detects visual regression to speed up your review process.

Building design systems

Design Tokens

How to manage your design tokens.


How to create isolated instances of components to apply component-driven development.


Automated unit testing of your components.

Using the design system in your app

How to use a Backlight design system in your application.

Design system examples

Design systems made with Backlight.

For reference


Reference guides of all technologies supported.

Supported config files

Description of all root files supported.

Technology demos

Demos of how some technologies can be used in Backlight.


Frequently Asked Questions.

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