Design Systems and Islands Architecture built-in with Ben Holmes

Coding Design Systems

The powerful Island Architecture to build your WebApps and how to burn it in your Design Systems.

Keep It Simply Simple: when working on a bunch of web pages, using complex tools may not be mandatory, and you can easily rely on Static Site Generators (SSG) like 11ty. And you may want to use a design system, and you’d be right! Developing your components in your design system outside of your final project may be a tedious task when you only have access to templating languages. This is also true when you want to integrate partial hydration and islands architecture.

This is where Slinkity comes on stage. This is what we cover in this episode.

About Ben

Ben’s a developer, teacher, and open sorcerer launching the future of the web at Astro. I focus on frontend web development and developer tooling, with a strong interest in (surprise!) islands architecture. Outside coding, he’s usually drowning in Japanese City Pop and looking for interesting concerts in NYC!



  • Atkinson hyperlegible font: free to use, built for readability, a unique visual style… what’s not the love?
  • Contraste: simple color picker for Mac that shows contrast ratios

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