Web Components design system with Thomas Allmer

Coding Design Systems

Coding a design system based on Lit.

“Always Bet on Web Components!” In this episode, we cover the future of the Web development based on Web Components. From a design system perspective to static site generation (SSG), Web Components can and should be everywhere!

We also talk about Rocket, the server side rendering (SSR) toolkit to build static site using Web Components, and we start a new starter kit for Backlight, based on the Lit framework!

About Thomas

Thomas started developing in his school days. He learned via Turbo Pascal, Java, and C but soon after he discovered the beauty of the web. He enjoyed HTML, CSS and MooTools (also running mooforum.net for a few years). At some point, he switched to PHP doing mostly CMS pages using TYPO3 & WordPress at a Design Agency. This leads us to “now” - he believes in web standards and the power of the “native” web. Frameworks should work with it and not abstract it away. Open Web Components, Modern Web, Rocket are open source projects towards this goal. By day he works at ING Bank where he maintains a proprietary design system built on top of ING’s Open Source Lion.