The Clever Cloud Web Components Collection with Hubert SABLONNIÈRE

Coding Design Systems

An episode dedicated to the Clever Cloud collection of Web Components with its creator.

“Always bet on Web Components.” Clever Cloud team choose to rely on the Web Components technology to build its console UI. Hubert is their core maintainer and in this episode, we talk about how they built them, how they customize them, and how they ship them. Because they build a Smart CDN to pre-pack the collection and distribute it, we also cover the pack-as-a-service aspect of distributing such a collection.

A deep dive interview in a world of standard components.

About Hubert

Hubert defines himself as a Web developer : HTML, CSS, JS, HTTP, browsers, images, fonts, perf, security…

  • 7 years for a services and consulting company, working with different clients - a bit of backend with PHP & Java + lots of JavaScript
  • 2 years with OpenDevise (asciidoctor, antora) - lots of Node.js
  • 4+ years with Clever Cloud - leading the web UI, the CLI and a few internal projects