Testing your Design Systems Components with Gil Tayar

Coding Design Systems

Test your Design Kit and your Components Library without complexity.

Testing might be impressive, but it shouldn’t. Thanks to his vast experience in scaling software architectures and front-ends, Gil Tayar is guiding us through the fantastic field of components testing. A vision of how to design systems help you to be more confident in your final product, by testing their components, from unit tests to visual regressions.

About Gil

From the olden days of DOS, to the stratospheric architectures of the cloud, Gil was, is, and always will be, a software developer.

30 years of experience have not dulled the fascination he has with software development. His passion is distributed systems and figuring out how to scale development to big teams. Extreme modularity and testing are the main tools in his toolbelt, using them to combat the code spaghetti monster at companies like Wix, Applitools, and at his current job as software architect at Roundforest.