Specify Tokens in a Design System with Jonas Ulrich

Coding Design Systems

Using tokens managed by Specify to nurture a white label design system like Kickstart DS

An episode dedicated to Design Tokens communication between design files and components libraries, from a development perspective. By using kickstartDS, we follow Jonas in the path of building a white-labelled design systems for flexibility.

About Jonas

Jonas grew up in Paderborn (~130k population) and went to Bonn to study computer science. In the second year of those studies founded two companies with fellows: ruhmesmeile (a web agency; the business building kickstartDS today) and Taktsoft (a software company in Bonn).

When not programming (and also while programming 😉) his biggest passion would have to be music. As a former DJ, vinyl collector and general music nerd, he loves listening to music every chance he gets 😀.

Lately, tried to get into Raspberry PI, micro controllers and home automation.