SolidJS and reactive Frameworks with Ryan Carniato

Coding Design Systems

An occasion to talk about SolidJS Primitives and fundamentals, and reactive frameworks.

We discuss the reactivity mental model in SolidJS, the control flow, styling and handling CSS variables, supporting CSS Modules and MDX for documentation, and way more about the SolidJS ecosystem itself.

About Ryan

Been doing Web dev in some shape or form since 1997. Learned it as a teenager as a way to earn some money. Post university entering the professional workforce spent a bunch of time in .NET and these server-driven universal apps. The advent of JavaScript Frameworks was like a breath of fresh air and I latched on to jQuery and then KnockoutJS.

I worked at the same startup the majority of the 2010s a private social media company for students and we have a custom stack built off Knockout. I started work towards Solid in 2015-2016 as the hope of modernizing that stack but when the choice came in 2019 I guided them towards React. But the seed had been set. I worked on benchmarks to show that the approach wasn’t inherently slow like some VDOM pundits would have people believe.

I took the React Hooks announcement as a sign given how similar it looked to my work on Solid, so I started writing articles. Members of the Marko team at eBay saw those and now I work on Marko, eBay’s JS Framework, at eBay as well.