Nuxt 3 and Vue 3 with Sébastien Chopin Konstantin Bifert

Coding Design Systems

Build a Vue 3 Design System and plug it into Nuxt 3 seamlessly.

Following the announcement of the first Release Candidate of Nuxt 3, we’re happy to welcome both the co-founder of Nuxt and one of their ambassadors for a short episode dedicated to the future of frontend pages development in the Vue ecosystem.

In 20’, let’s cover both new features and the broad vision of modern frontend development and tooling, from edge computing, to Service Workers for page generation, Nitro web dev server, or Deno.

About Sébastien

NuxtLabs CEO • Making web development intuitive with NuxtJS.

About Konstantin

Vue.js, performance, 3D! ❤️ Nuxt.js ambassador & StackOverflow helper Content creator since 2022 🎥