Design Systems for Emails UI with Thomas Defossez

Coding Design Systems

See how a Design System can solve a lot of your emails development issues.

Emails coding is often a poor parent of web development. Dealing with issues from old rendering engines and a lot of platforms with a certain lack of compliance doesn’t help email developers.

With the help of Thomas Defossez, we go down the rabbit hole of email development and learn how design systems are the best way to ensure rendering consistency across emails platforms.

About Thomas

After beeing a school teacher, Thomas completely changed his career path by becoming an email developer for Cheetah Digital (a well-known email service provider platform). He then worked as a designer and front and back end developer in a web agency, before founding his own agency. In 2017, he joined the Badsender team (a blog about emailing, and then an email agency well-know in France) as Lead Designer and email developer. Since then, he tries to introduce design system in email marketing, and to bring innovation in email code.