Building Content with Astro with Matthew Phillips

Coding Design Systems

Talking about the new generation of SSG with Astro, and coding with it into a Backlight Starter Kit.

With the concept of Islands Architecture, Astro brings a new way to think the Design of our applications. Offering a close-to-JSX syntax for its components, and natively supporting third-party UI frameworks like React, Vue, or Svelte, it’s a new generation of Static Site Generators.

In this episode, we welcome Matthew Phillips to discuss those new paradigms in Web sites/apps development, how it is changing the way we think our views, and how it aims to improve global performance. From a Design System perspective, we talk how we can use Design Tokens in Astro Components, and how we can use it to build static websites like documentation, straight with Astro files!

About Matthew

Matthew is a core team member of @astrodotbuild. Living in Kentucky, USA, he’s a frontend engineer working on the Web for about 10 years. Previously core team member of CanJS, he also works on Haunted and is definitely advocating for Web Components! Now with Astro, he’s looking to build frontend tooling that aims to make it easy to build performant websites.