Accessibility (A11Y) for your Design Systems with Ben Myers

Coding Design Systems

Accessibility as a key part of your Design System UX.

A11Y and Design Systems are made to work together: burning into the Design Systems A11Y fundamentals allow your teammates to build strong advanced UIs with confidence.

In thois episode, we talk about A11Y principles, their Devtools, how to manual test and automated things, as well as providing a great Developer Experience (DX) to allow your teammates to focus on what they do best: building strong interfaces. We code a simple top-level nav component illustrating A11Y-by-Design basics, and styling tricks based on aria.

About Ben

Full-time web developer for 3½ years — first at a bank, and now building the Microsoft Docs platform and design system.

Around web spaces, Ben’s best known as an accessibility advocate. He hosts a weekly Twitch stream called Some Antics, Tuesdays at 2pm Central Time. Each week bringing on guests from around the web development and web design industries to teach something about building great user experiences for the web in a hands-on way with a focus on accessibility and core web technologies.