Folder pills from Backlight UI



The Tests panel contains the unit tests for the component.

Note: visible only when tests files are present (*.(test|spec).(jsx|js|ts|tsx)).


The Stories preview is dedicated to stories.

Note: visible only when stories files are present (*.stories.(jsx|js|ts|tsx)).


The Doc preview is for documentation pages of the component.

Supported files:

Note: visible only when doc/page files are present (*.(md|mdx)).


All link files, in the Backlight interface, which in turn will provide a preview. The link will be presented directly inside an embedded preview. Make sure the link obtained from the design plarform has the necessary public sharing options.

Supported design embeds:

If you prefer working with the CLI and creating files in your IDE, you can paste the design link into a *.link file. Choose the name for the file that suits your needs, e.g: for a Figma link.

Note: it's displayed only when there is link files (*.link)