The src folder contains the source code of the component.

It can also contains stories .


The stories folder is dedicated to stories .

Other files related to stories can also be here.


The Tests folder contains the unit tests for the component.


The doc folder contains the documentation pages of the component.

Supported files:


The design folder contains references to designer materials.

Supported files:

  • *.txt : Simple text notes
  • *.md : Markdown notes
  • *.html : HTML content
  • *.link : Text file with a URL. A preview of the link will be embedded.

Special link previews:

For Figma and Sketch, .link files allows you to present directly inside an embedded preview via just a Preview/Share Link that you could obtain from the sharing options of your favorite tool.


Every component in a design system is on his separated folder. This folder is the root of the component. This is a good place to have an index.js that export everything you want from /src modules.