BRICKS card marked "Powered by" MUI, React

Introducing BRICKS - a Design System based on MUI

BRICKS is a design system starter-kit based on MUI, a react UI library providing customizable and accessible components.

BRICKS features:

  • ♻️ Open source
  • 🧱 Based on MUI
  • 🧩 50+ accessible components
  • 📚 Interactive documentation
  • 🌗 Dark mode out of the box

Design Tokens

The starter kit is built around six main tokens: Colors, Font, Spacing, Breakpoints, z-index, theme.

#1 token.png

Dark mode

Dark and Light themes are supported out-of-the-box. You can test it directly on any doc page.



BRICKS comes with 50+ components to get started: menu, dialog, buttons , checkbox, cards, everything to cover the basics and more.

#3 components.png


CSF Stories are available for every component allowing you to code your components in isolation and check all variations.

#4 Stories.png


The documentation, Written in MDX, is displayed next to the code to ensure a smooth learning curve and quick onboarding for anyone joining the project.

The documentation also includes interactive playgrounds.

#5 docs.png

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